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This is my Sifu: Grandmaster Augustin Ngu

Receiving my Wing Chun Black Sash Certification.

Wing Chun - Bart Chum Dao

Shaolin Broad Sword (Dan Dao)

Wing Chun Grand-Master Yip Man

Wing Chun Technique: Lap Da

Youth Self-defense Technique

Receiving Level 5 Coach Degree from CCWO
Robert & Albert at Shaolin Temple - Oct.2004 Sifu Robert Gould Awarded Silver Medal for Mook Jong performance at 1st World Traditional Wushu Festival in ZhengZhou, China - Oct.2004 (Sifu Chiu Hung Kwan was awarded Gold)
Level 5 Coach Degree - Conferred by CCWO in 2004. Sifu Robert Gould was awarded the Grand Champion of Ving Tsun (Wing Chun) Trophy at the 2003 Canadian Wushu Kungfu Challenge. Left: My Sifu, Master Augustin Ngu. Right: My Sigung, Grandmaster Sunny Tang (Dunn Wah).
Training Area (1) Training Area (2)
Training Area (3) Class "B" Certified Sanshou/Sanda Judge (June 2008)
AMMAC 35th Anniversary (2013) Left to right: Sifu Robert Moxam, GrandMaster Augustin Ngu, Sifu Robert J. Gould
My Wing Chun Family Tree, 4 Generations from Yip Man.