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Sifu Robert J. Gould

Cambridge branch of All Masters Martial Arts Centre, instructing of Traditional Wing Chun Kung Fu, Northern Shaolin Kung Fu, & Chinese Lion Dance

Sifu Robert J. Gould has been training in various disciplines of Chinese Kung Fu since October of 1992.  After one year of training in a 5-animal system of Shaolin Kung Fu with one school, he searched for a master that taught Wing Chun in Mississauga, Ontario.  In the Spring of 1994 he began his training under the expert tutelage and guidance of Grandmaster Augustin Ngu.  Sifu Robert has earned the black sash level in Wing Chun Kung Fu and continues to work towards earning his gold sash. He is the head instructor of the Wing Chun Kung Fu program in the Cambridge branch of All Masters Martial Arts Centre.  His Northern Shaolin Kung Fu training includes Cha-Chuan and Chin-Na.  Sifu Robert maintains a level 6 Qualified Coach Degree (Master Level), as conferred by the Confederation of Chinese Wushu Organizations, CCWO.


In January of 2011, Grandmaster Ngu officially accepted Robert Gould as his disciple in a public ceremony.  Discipleship is a Kung Fu family tradition and a serious commitment of support and leadership to the future of All Masters Martial Arts Centre.


Past accomplishments include being recognized as the Grand-Champion of the Wing Chun Division at the 2003 Canadian Wushu Kung Fu Challenge, with 2 Gold & 2 Silver medals.  He was also the National Wing Chun Champion of the 2003 Canadian National Traditional Wushu Team Trials, with one Gold & one Silver medal.  As an athlete on the Canadian Traditional Wushu Team, he represented Canada at the First World Traditional Wushu Festival in Zheng Zhou, China in October-2004.  He received a Silver Medal for his Mook Yan Jong performance, and a Bronze Medal for performing Biu Je.  He also volunteers as a Judge/Official at the Annual Canadian Wushu Kung Fu Challenges.


Sifu Robert has also trained briefly in other martial arts systems such as, White Crane Kung Fu, Muay Thai, Chen Style Tai Chi, Sanshou/Sanda, Arnis/Escrima, and Karate.


Wing Chun Classes

Responsibilities and Accreditations

Head Instructor of Wing Chun Kung Fu @ Cambridge branch of All Masters Martial Arts

Class B Certified San Shou Judge

Asst. Instructor @ All Masters Martial Arts Centre in Mississauga, Ontario

Club Voting Member and Treasurer of Kung Fu Canada

Canadian Traditional Wushu Team Athlete with the Confederation of Canadian Wushu Organizations (CCWO)

Director of the Traditional Lion Dance & Dragon Dance Assoc. of  Canada

Director, Coach, and Performer with the All Masters Lion Dance Cultural Association

Professional Ranking Under the Confederation of Canadian Wushu Organizations

Level 6 Qualified Coach Degree (Master Level) was conferred from the CCWO in October of 2006.

Sifu Robert J. Gould at TianTan in Beijing, China

I visited Tian Tan in Beijing after competing in the 1st World Traditional Wushu Festival in ZhengZhou, China, in October of 2004.  I also had the honour of visting the Northern Shaolin Temple, The Forbidden City, The Great Wall, The Terra Cotta Warriors, The Summer Palace, Tiananmen Square, Temple of Heaven, and the Hong Kong Skyline where Jackie Chan's Walk of Stars is located.  China is an amazingly beautiful country, rich in culture and tradition.  I look forward to visting again soon.

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