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Northern Shaolin Kung Fu

About my Shaolin Kung Fu program

This program includes teaching of the Northern Shaolin Kung Fu system, as taught at All Masters Martial Arts Centre, by Master Augustin Ngu.  Our system also includes Cha Chuan and Chin Na.  My teacher, Master Ngu studied under Master Niu Wai Le and Master Xu Gong Wei.

Founded in the Shaolin Temple of Northern China over 1,500 years ago, this ancient system of martial arts is famed for its direct approach.  The movements are powerful.  The attacks and defenses are continuous and agile, with heavy emphasis on self-defense.  The system includes several traditional hand forms, weapons forms, set-fighting (bare-hand and with weapons), drills, aerial techniques/kicks, and Chin Na (Chinese grappling system).

This complete program is geared more towards the younger students from ages 5 through 18.  However, this is not a requirement.  More & more adults are taking up learning Shaolin all the time.  Students will find the training and techniques challenging and fun.  The forms are extensive and will challenge your physical abilities, balance, speed, power, and focus.  Improvements in self-esteem, hand/eye coordination, and balance are key benefits of the training, especially for the younger students.  Another keen interest in learning the Shaolin system is the wide array of weapons.  Some of the many weapons to be learned in Shaolin include the Staff, Broad Sword, Spear, Straight Sword, Kwan Dao, and the three-sectional staff.


Northern Shaolin Classes are currently available at:

All Masters Martial Arts Centre

1590 Matheson Blvd.
Mississauga, Ontario

Phone: (905) 629-1880

Please contact:

Master Augustin Ngu